Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Indiefied- Aunt Keke

The force that is AuntKeke sticks to your thoughts, dusting off neglected brain cells, replaying infectious melodies that resonate with the warrior punkette in your heart with its brow raised, and a question poised for the mainstream, waiting to saunter from sumptuous lips.

AuntKeke is the fuel that gives the heart the encouragement to beam a neon or even fuschia light, dependent upon the occasion.

Peep the UrbAlter's digital realm here
in Mother Moon's garden for meta flora.

Enjoy one of my personal favorites: Rat Race (at the top of the tracklist).

Rumour has it, an album draws near...
More on this, as details become available.

1 comment:

GrungeCake Magazine said...

'Saw her live tonight. Forever a fan!