Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meanwhile In The Heart Chakra...

There is such a beautiful thing happening in underrepresented culture; a coming together of non-conformists, boxless artists and art appreciators boldly exalting in the state of beingness. At risk of sounding too corny or overly dramatic, the beauty of it is overwhelming to my heart. I squealed with joy to learn of Ecbacc's Black comic artists convention for instance, and had to rush out there with the young artist in the house in May to provide him access to the phenomenal energy of boxbreakers doing their thing.
Later in June, Q and I hopped on a bus, and then a train to UrbAlt to finally take in a show after frequenting the Myspace page. The following month we took in Afropunk featuring the glorious Imani Coppola and the majestic Tamar Kali.

Recently I came across the blog (which has of course been around for awhile). Could have done cartwheels in my living room. And just today I've learned of a YAMS who's doing her thing most visually and publishingly (I'm starting a dictionary.) with Grungecake Crisis Magazine (which I am feenin to download by the way).

I tell you. It is happening. The new paradigm is here. It's been here, but now it's spreading out under various names and leaders. Let's bless it with serious love. Let us applaud one another and throw the old industry politics to the wind. What is happening in the underrepresented community now is a sign of things to come. Solidarity is the move here. The Indiestream can easily overtake the Mainstream, and imprint upon it a love model. Sure not everyone gets along all of the time, but we can agree we walk in solidarity, and spread love while letting negativity slip on by without feeding into it.

I will personally be skipping in black daisy fields holding hands with the other kaliedoscope lens peerers, celebrating our individuality, and sameness, while lending my light, love, and support in every house that has a light on for 'The Movement'.
Because to me, that's what it is. A movement. UrbAlt, Bold as Love, Afropunk, Primordial Punk, E. Perl. Saudade, Grungecake Crisis, Brooklyn Arts Market, ConsciousInk, Okayplayer and the list goes on and on... When I am available to lend support or services to anyone in 'The Movement', I'm there. Feel free to drop tips, flyers, download updates, release dates and etc to: purplemag at or send a guestpost for (in most cases it will be published if it fits the flow for the underrepresented indiefied phenoms,grassroots news and holistic focus).

A sistah is currently doing alot of chakra work with the heart chakra, which is all about group vibes, and love. The work began recently when I started to notice I was doing less and less self-editing. Could have something to do with the energy in the UrbAlt ning, because it happened shortly after I joined. I'm seeing things in myself and others that are a revelation.
It makes the bigger picture of compassion, and principles that transcend power struggles more urgent and extremely vivid and achieveable in my perspective.

We're in a time full of so many possibilities, and more importantly the full opportunity to extend love.
These are amazing times and we don't have to limit ourselves to loving like we're in boxes. It's really time to be open to the all. I firmly believe that (proceed at your own comfort level of course- the intuition will let you know where the harmony is or is not *grins*).

I'm off to chill with my ginormous rose quartz for a bit before bed, because I truly am trippin' being up this late, but hey... at least the internet is back online. The cable company is working a sistah's last nerv as of late...

Shine on Boxless Beauties

And to all who can't handle the emergence of boxless art-loving rebels?

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ep said...

nice post, PZ. here's to the cultural iconoclasts, visionaries and revolutionaries who confront the mainstream and offer an artistic alternative to the status quo.

to quote an old P-Funk chant, "think! it ain't illegal yet!"

much respect, as always,

PurpleZoe said...

Peace E *_^

Loving that quote.
Seriously fitting the times.

Thanks for the kudos, and for sending intel over. It's much appreciated.

Apologies for my lag in response.
I'm doing some illustrating, in addition to a few other things, that have kept me away from the pc.

Continue to shine your fabulous light, Monsieur Perl
It is always a pleasure.