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HuemindFantastic: Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza ARV Edition

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Wonderdark is... well you'll have to read the first book to get a sense of it's true definition. It's extended from the heart after it's time spent in the chambers of a #greenwand wielder with a clockwork dream engine outpouring Rainbow Ethera. It's an Afro-Asiatic Steampunk/FaeryPunk/Etherpunk meets plant-eating
(and in some cases of Anansi-kind: bookeating) tradition of thought-craft and Higher-lense opting. Like just about any book kissed with Steam ethos, it's unconventional, and will not open a door for you to the usual, the 'norm'... the 'generally accepted', etc.
Instead, it will open up a door in your mind to higher possibilities, the under-reported splendor of cruelty-free alts, and hope reinstilled for your inner-child that dreams emerge because they're seeking birth. It's not just your imagination... at least not in the way you might think.

Contains: a world connected to that in the 'Copper Angels and BrassMoors Novella (Faerypunk/Afrosteam genre also)- (Added to The Books of Zambarau Maji Omnibus (updated 'extras' section Summer '09) See Zambarau.com)

Digital ARC copies are available for a limited time (from 12/24/09), and print edition copies can be requested by blog and mag reviewers, as well as others maintaining a brand with a bookeating audience. Please include a small bio sharing more about your audience and why you think they may be interested in hearing your review of Wonderdark: The Awakening of Zuza.

Click the Wonderdark cover for the link to the online digital review copy request form, or to read the Online public ARC Scribd version (non-DL)

Check the extra issuing of PurpleMag #9 (Finding the Bliss Lense) releasing this month for the additional excerpt of Wonderdark: Dara and the Dream Engine (in the Aether of Other).

See the forthcoming repost and other gems @ HueMindFantastic.Tumblr.com
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