Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stand up, humanity. If you haven't signed the petition. Please sign today.

Click the image above to sign @Dingane1 and @Majeeda's petition for the release of the video footage revealing the actual events that took place on the night of Aiyana's murder. The release of this video will prevent the police cover-up in process that has attempted to blame the grandmother who was trying to cover her burning granddaughter, for the shot that killed her that came from outside of the child's home (on the porch) and struck her in her sleep.
Representative Conyers is calling for an investigation into Aiyana's murder by police and the problem with the policing in our communities. This action gives some hope that justice will be served for her, and our communities in general, if the people demand it, and the government answers the demand.
We can't expect Representative Conyers to do this all by himself however. These problems call for all of us to raise our voices, sign petitions and actively spread the world. If you want to be safe (regardless of culture, this kind of police behavior will spill into other communities if its allowed to flourish in underrepresented communities), you have no right to sit down. We all need to give this our attention, and stand for justice. Please sign the petition, and stand for humanity.

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