Sunday, February 17, 2008

Purple Mag Submission Guidelines


Purple Magazine and are part of a non-profit effort to provide independent thinkers with content from Modern Mythic Underrepresented Culture/Indie Artists, Grassroots efforts and Metaphysical/Green-centered Holistic thinking.
We publish in complimentary .pdf form at least bi-annually (but usually issue 4-6 issues annually of various sizes and mag dept. themes) and usually 2-3 times weekly in blog form, during easeful publishing seasons, offering an option to purchase an archive print issue after digital releases.

Submission guidelines

...and general info for Purple Mag have been updated. Click the notepad image below for a large view, and check the back of our most recent issues
( )for updates, and additionally announced categories, themed issues or Purple Mag experiments in the plans. Please email purplemag at for any additional intel.

Click the image above to enlarge complete updated guidelines published issue 9.5.

important note: Intentions for multiple submissions of any pieces, should be mentioned upon submission, and acceptance at the latest, to avoid potential conflicts with schedules between publishers. If we're not informed of multiple submissions, especially for our themed publications you've created work for (intended as debuts), your submission may be excerpted, or may not be utilized.
Communication is very important for publication planning, and promotions.

Review note: [Critical] Reviews aren't guaranteed.
General features may be guaranteed if you contact us by email, and your work is appropriate for the readership.

Compilations, Mixtapes, and Webisodes are planned for a return. Contact us if you've ethers or imaging to extend.

Co-promotion and Sponsorship:
Our readership is composed of glowing domes ranging from age 13 to 50, due to a focus on creative intellect that adopts innuendo when there's a message aimed at older readers. Purple is a magazine that readers can leave on their kitchen tables without worrying about the teens in the house flipping through it, in an age that's largely forgotten them.
For almost a decade now we've seen an alarming decline in the awareness of the youth that are plugged into the media that is released. It's completely possible to celebrate the flyer aspects of underground culture that dance in their subtle applause of the fantastic, grassroots/DIY, and herbivorous realms of awareness for underrepresented peoples, in a fashion that everyone can appreciate.
If you're interested in discussing co-promotion (articles by indie artists&indie merchants focusing on their specialties, style shoots, etc), or Sponsorship we can be reached @ (please also cc.

Submit for our HuemindFantastic satellite here.

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