Monday, April 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Police Brutality

It bears repeating, as the the number of police brutality incidents seems to be rising. Unchecked, one has to wonder how far police brutality will go? How safe are we as civilians? As a child I was always directed to wave to officers, and feel safe with them in the community. I'm aware there are plenty of good officers who are dedicated to protecting and serving the community, but what of the renegades who endanger innocent civilians through various forms of bullying that on too many occasions have resulted in severe injury and death?

The recent Day of blogging for justice focused on putting a stop to pre-trial electrocution, and measures are being taken by the NAACP to see that police brutality is taken seriously. It lends hope that through the raising of our voices, awareness, and the insistence of our actions we can ensure our communities are served by those who are able to restrain individuals when necessary, without the danger of death becoming a factor, due to negligence or plain malice.

Please raise your voice in this stand for the safety of our communities. Blog your views. Share links to blogs focusing on raising awareness about police brutality. Spread the word persistently.

Was Oscar Grant not human? Was the 16 year male tasered to death recently after a routine traffic stop not human? Was the elderly wheelchair bound woman tased to death (10 times) not human?

There must be a stronger regard for human life, and a respect for the force continuum put in place to ensure tasers are used by law enforcement correctly and safely. Severe consequences need to be a factor put in place to dissuade renegade behavior, and ensure safety for innocent civilians.

Please sign this petition requesting Congressional investigation into brutal police-inflicted Taser torture:

Thankyou to everyone participating in the Am I Not Human campaign. Your voices are appreciated. I applaud you stand.

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i totally agree, from the youngest of lives to the eldest. love is what makes everything work. so we will never work until that is our heartbeat and motivation to relate to each other in love.