Friday, April 3, 2009

Monthly Meditation

Monthly Mass Meditation:

Join us today in Mass Meditation that focuses on a world where everyone's basic need resources are met, and peace prevails. You can positively visualize, chant positive affirmations, or feel the intention of peace.
At least 15 minutes of your time will make a difference.
Watching the vid below while you meditate could be useful if you prefer visual accompaniment while meditating. Please spread the word. The world can use all the good vibes it can get.

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Monthly Affirmation:

I am safe and secure in a peaceful state. We are safe and peacefully returned to our senses.

Monthly Totems: Zebra and Malachite and Onyx

Noted for mixing with Antelope herds, offering protection from predators with their alertness, Zebras carry medicine aligned with kind-hearted protection. Like a fingerprint, each Zebra carries a unique stripe pattern used for individual identity.

Serving love and compassion, those with Zebra medicine are natural therapists, and nurturers. It is important for those with Zebra medicine to remember their individual identity in social interactions. It can be a challenge to achieve compromise in relationships.
Questioning reality and illusion is also a significant pastime for Zebra influenced people, but they are warned against overanalyzing, and encouraged to allow the imagination to awaken. Dimensional shifts, the seen and unseen are all a part of this totemic journey. Looking beyond preconceived ideas becomes especially important, as does seeking balance in all one does. Maintaining the peace of the middle road is a gift of this totem.
When Zebra appears it indicates we've arrived at a time of change in our life path. As hidden knowledge is revealed we are asked to stand strong, trust and flow with the rhythm of creation.

Malachite is a stone that helps us to understand our duality. It's advised we only wear it when we're in good vibrations.

is a protective stone that aids with root chakra work.

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