Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ConsciousInk- Bayou


The fantastical handling of the issues presented in Bayou have been so adeptly ethersmithed, the horror and beauty become one in a way that makes us look at our perceptions of the post-reconstruction era, and how the non-healing of the post traumatic stress/slave syndrome has effected the children of our community, who have often been children of PTSD sufferers
on down the line. Bayou is a breathtaking journey into the psyche of a child living the horrors of oppression in New Orleans.

Receiving much due acclaim, Zuda comics is releasing Bayou in
print, slating the release for June of this year. I'd sleep on a sidewalk at the bookstore waiting for this one.



Unknown said...

hi there i love this review and would like to repost it for raven's eye. raveneye.org
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ahnka said...

wishes come true!

I'll be on the sidewalk sleeping too!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace ^_^

You def have my permission to repost it.
Thankyou for stopping through and sharing good vibes.

Indeed. I'm hyped it's coming into print. Bayou is an incredible work. Easily a classic that will impact our community with needed positive force.
Thanks for stopping through B *_^ It's always a pleasure.

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