Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Found footage: OnyxCon


Finally. Intel from Onyxcon. I sorely wished to be there but this year has just not been the year thus far for anything beyond taking care of the basics [and projects awaiting completion or updating] in the homefront.

Fortunately I stumbled onto TypeIlly press
via Come Bien Books and found some gems from the 1st annual Onyxcon. Check the pics and clip-footage beyond the link. I'll drop more gems as I come across additional OnyxCon coverage.

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Anonymous said...

is that Taimak on the right hand side? looks interesting.

Dazjae said...

Peace *_^

I believe it is. He's still beautiful.
He made an appearance at an Ecbacc convention some years back as well. I'm mad I missed both Ecbacc and Onyxcon this year.