Monday, July 16, 2007

Alia Marie is glammed out diamond kisses

If Alia Marie isn’t a rising Star for real, then I don’t know my sh—at all.
She produces and blesses the mic, with a flair befitting of a star packing enough brilliance to light an era.

Her voice is rich and soulful, while remaining delightfully clever.
You find yourself drawn in, hitting replay with a spirit of wonder in your heart.
There’s a confidence in her voice, and presentation also.
It’s a kind of mastery.
Perhaps it’s the city in her that is communicating through unspoken means that she is aware of her prowess, and will continue to conjure something all her own for your swooning pleasure.

There is a seductive and mercurially flirtatious seduce and revoke spirit there that almost makes you giggle, cock your head, and sigh.
She is fabulously cute also, though you are sure she bites.

I am just pleased as punch…Just ridiculously happy to listen to her, on repeat.
God has blessed Alia Marie.
There is genius in this little package of glammed out joy, and brightly colored tonality.

Expect many surprises.

Her neon zone is beyond the gate guarded by the Chartreuse Rose ~~~~~~~~~@@@

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