Wednesday, July 11, 2007


(This review is a reprint from an earlier column)

The Bass Line is the Bottomline,
---From The Muse Next Door column
lit: Dazjae---

First of all...Good Lord have mercy.
I don't often ask for mercy... But Quest is what you could call an unmercifully sexy Scorpio, who croons out bassline notes, and clever almost-sarcastic sentiments, with what we imagine would be a grin, as we listen.
He is so sexy, you are reduced to childhood, and writing your name along his with hearts drawn in neon pink ink. You think you might even be willing to have his babies.
Even the men have considered it, when they were too entranced to censor themselves.

I jest.

But he is that guy, who enters the scene through the backdoor, sauntering in like a sleepy eyed wildcat, whilst the other men grow silent, some of them with eyes narrowing, alongside the ladies who check their makeup, and play at being coy.

It's like that.

Maybe I'll interview him, and we can penetrate the mystery together.
Or maybe I’ll remain content to dream, and return to his page like, daily, until like, his album is released.


You know you're dying to know more.
So am I.


Invisible Woman said...


Invisible Woman said...

Look at his site-he's in my neck of the woods....I'll be on the lookout for you PZ...haha

PurpleZoe said...


How's that for losing objectivity?
Thanks for stopping through. It's always a pleasure^_^