Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interview Questions...

Purple Magazine embraces the Indie circuit, Green, Grassroots and Metaphysical sectors of the Global village and subculture in general.
2007 issues are quarterly and 2008 issue will be bi-annual with mini issues interspersed as time allows.
If you're interested in being featured in the magazine or blogged about, fill out the interview questions of your choice (pick from the list below) and send them in an email with a pic and link to your online press kits/myspace/blog/site to: purplemag@gmail.com

Being featured isn't guaranteed, but submissions will be read, and at the very least links to your site may be added or mentioned in the blog.

Purple Questions
(Choose the questions that you're most interested in answering and cut and paste them with answers in a return email- We find it works better if the interview questions can be selected by the interviewee-- We may email to follow-up with in-depth questions based on your answers)

1- What path are you walking? What works are you working, and what have you produced?
Is there a particular theme to your arts (If you're not an artist per se, answer this is the sense of life as art)?

2-What inspires you? Do you have a favored focus or perspective?
What styles do you appreciate? Is there a name for your style?
What nicknames or alter egos do you have?

3- What are your roots and what nourishes them?

4-Who are your influences, greatest teachers, living or dead?

5- Are you dating or married?
What's your relationship philosophy?

6-What is your position on free love, loving who you love regardless of gender and unconventional romances in general, incl. interracial connections? Do you think the world has overcome limited cultural thinking?

7- Which individuals do you consider bringing the most positive archetypal flavor to society?

8-Which of your chakras needs the most work?

9-When on the wrong side of you a person is liable to see...

10-What do you want to share? What's on your mind lately that you want to get off your chest, or speak on?

11-(Finish the sentence) Of the many things society doesn't need...

12- Which Indie acts do you follow or have you discovered?

13- If you were a fantasy character you'd be____ because...

14- Your man crushes? Your femme crushes?

15- You'd like to give a shout out to...

16- 5 albums that you recommend as essential and why?

17- Your most prized resume items/accomplishments?

18- Your grassroots fist is comprised of...

19- You overcame ____ by ____...

20- What the world needs now...

21- Secret pleasures no one who knows you would suspect of you?

22- What other occupations/paths would you have taken besides this one?

23- In your past lives you were...

24- A few movies you could watch again and again without growing bored?

25- Of all the beloved books, the few you must share are...

26- In your ideal village, there would be...

27- What areas do you hope to master on this Earthwalk? Are you a Jack or Jill of all trades?

The questionnaire may be switched up eventually but for now, these are the things Purple Mag would dig knowing about you.


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