Thursday, July 12, 2007

Van Hunt's 3rd effort is on the Buy list

"At first I wasn't sure what I thought, but upon a closer listen, it tugged at me.
It reminds my memory of a place where there are tears, and where there is acceptance and a kind of willed resolve to continue in a direction that feels blank, maybe lonely, or where waiting for the path to unveil itself may be difficult but has to be done."

The Popular Machine contains access to the respectfully somber peace-restorative rooms of Van Hunt's soul.
I feel like weeping listening to the tracks he's made available for public listening.
I've never felt closer to this artist then with the tracks I'm hearing from this album so far.
This may be the record that cements him a soul legend.

'Who are you in the face of disappointment? Where is your character? The one who keeps you goin'? The one who keeps you goin'...'
-VanHunt's 'Character Acoustic"

Take off your shoes at the door when you seek admission to his room of reflective solace, beyond the black daisy field~~~~~~*

The EP will be available this summer. The full album in 2008.
He is currently signed to Blue Note.

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