Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter's final? adventure arrives tomorrow

Aside from the fact that the latest movie is indisputably an F- amongst the CommonFolk Critics at Ultraviolet Underground( Book 5 being a personal favorite along with book 3), and the fact that I am still very pissed at JK Rowling for her decisions in the 6th book, I am still going to read the final book because I've come too far to turn away without knowing how it ends.
This is the fortunate thing for writers of a series... Once readers take in enough a series, they will probably finish it to at least satisfy their curiosity.

*sigh of exhaustion

This does not mean however, that I am excited, because I think laziness has gotten the best of what could have been a very nice run. We'll see how this turns out...


Mrs. Grapevine said...

Let me know how it goes, I promised my mother-n-law I wouldn't read it. The witch craft seems to conflict with Christianity, and after many debates I agreed to leave Harry Potter alone, and she decided to tell my sister-n-law that Santa Klaus wasn't real.

PurpleZoe said...

Actually alot of Christian rituals were based on pagan rituals, including the celebration of holidays which were moved to the seasonal solstices (I.e. Yuletide season even though we know Yashau was born when sheeps were being tended---not winter), so I am skeptical about how religion is enforced.
Too much blood spilled for control if you ask me. God is love in my book, so I stay away from the fear-mongering where I can. It's been used to damage alot of people, and cultures.

I tend to see God in everything, and follow the principles that religions are based on.
There was a lot of hype about Harry Potter.
It's just a children's adventure with the same good versus evil fight model seen everywhere, that the author lost creative sight of if you ask me...
She could have been more precise.
I could be wrong if this book fixes the laziness I feel plagued the writing in the other books.

3 and 5 were best...
6 really seemed off track.