Monday, July 23, 2007

Purple Mag's Summer issue Is Available 7/24


Disregard the other info for downloading below. is unreliable for downloads from our experience and doesn't follow-up on customer service, even if you email three times (hopefully that will change or a competitor will come along and give us better options...Amazon can you please start offering Print on demand in black and white/color and multi-size formats? You'd make lotsa dough and you'd be reliable).

So here's what you do to download the free issues direct from's server:
Link As' or 'Save Target as' dependent upon your browser.
Allow the download to take place (maybe ten minutes or so... on highspeed connections), and vhala!
Enjoy your web ready pdf.
For print ready pdf purchase, contact PurpleMag at to receive the link. It's 5 beans for a print quality file that you can print and collate on your own as many times as you like as long as its not for profit.



As each issue is available we'll add it here and / or in the sidebar on the front page.

Until there is a better option Purple Mag will still offer print issues through lulu. You can see the page at lulu here ~~~~~~~*



The link to receive the free 'web ready' e-issue download is here.
You can visit as well by clicking on this here violet rose ~~~~~~~~& .
The Lulu download links can sometimes take awhile so once you log into to download, you can click on the two links below for the present and past issues of Purple Mag, and click 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'. The download is high quality and can take about 5-10 minutes on a cable connection.

You must be logged into a account to download these. They are complimentary.
There is no cost for these web-ready issues.

Click the Golden Rose for The Summer issue, featuring the phenomenal Brig Feltus, Journey360 and more...

Click the giggling daisyhead for the Purple Premier Spring issue ~~~~~~~@

Print issues will be available for purchase shortly (by the 27th), through the Lulu print-on-demand publisher. There were technical difficulties with this POD publisher but those should be ironed out now, and back issues should be downloadable without difficulty today.
If Lulu's software fails you, right click on the link they offer on the first page after you select the download. They have been converting their systems apparently...

If you have an issue unsolved after utilizing the above suggestions, contact the magazine at:


Linda Lam said...

Yay I'm downloading it right now

PurpleZoe said...

It's a looooong download, but worth it ^_^