Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Deseo One

Lush, vivid artistry flows from the pen for Deseo One.
Comic book femmes stylized from a unique and ethnically diverse perspective make this the kind of work that we want to see available everywhere comic books are sold...

His lab is just beyond the blushing daisy heads ~~~~~~~*


Anonymous said...

Peeped his website and all I can say is...BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING!!!

Nice find Queen!!! ;)

Thee Rebel said...

I kno deseo from myspace! nice!

PurpleZoe said...


Thanks Life. I've been wanting to share his work for a minute. Been working my way down a list a superb artists and inspirational finds.

Thee Rebel,
Deseo's work is the business.
He's definitely accruing some Myspace fame points. Tell him we say hello when you see him.

Thank you both for stopping through and commenting. Much Love