Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mantatakhan's Neverknots

Bless his heart, and pen for that matter.
We highly anticipate the graphic novels and/or other manifestations of this visual soul healing majesty.

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There's more where this came from.
Looks like the origins of our Source and Superselves are intent to be revealed, despite the opposition and previous attempts to sabotage and eradicate the true history of an enchanted beginning, now and, future now...

Stay tuned to the Mantat Channel.


Invisible Woman said...

This is great, I was in total agreement with you over your Manga statement (all the characters have big, blue eyes, etc.) I would buy these

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou! It boggles my mind, I've had this discussion with my child. I would like to enjoy the diversity in this world when I take in art, rather than constantly see eurocentric features painted over damn near everything.
Asian culture is lovely. It wouldn't hurt to see Asian likenesses represented in manga and anime.
The same goes for other cultures.

Granted there are mixed kids and there are European likenesses in this world. We're all here. Let's represent the world in a balanced and ACCURATE fashion.

Colonization is corny and destructive.
Blessings on the variety in the garden, for real. We are ALL beautiful.

Enough with the insecurity that tries to stomp out diversity.