Saturday, July 14, 2007

Brig Feltus' Transmissions Show

Brig Feltus Returned to the Stage on July 10th at Transmissions

Los Angeles, CA-- July 15, 2007
After being away for nearly six months, Brig Feltus returned to the stage, this time at Quality Collective's Transmissions venue, in Hollywood, CA. She was accompanied by her band Chrysalis Child, to enjoy a moment of connection with her local fans, before the upcoming tour that will bring her to more cities, as she promotes the release of her album.

“This is one of my favorite venues in L.A. It's a cozy atmosphere, a neighborhood tavern with lots of ambiance. The Quality Collective crew are people I really like a lot. They have impeccable taste in all things cultural. I am always excited to perform at their events. It was also only my third performance in 2007, and a free show. I like to do these every now and again as a 'thank you' to my fans who support and come out to my paying shows. This venue allows the audience to get right up close and personal where they can see every tear, every bead of sweat, every twinkle in my eye. I like that kind of intimacy. It's always a treat," shares Brig Feltus.

There is also a boon for her friends and fans that comes out of this performance. Brig is aware that a lot of her international fans are not always able to see her perform. To accommodate the fans who are not easily able to attend her shows, the show will be filmed and the footage posted online for her fans to view at the official Brig Feltus website.

A fan site that bears the name 'Brig Feltus Rocks' has collected what it could find of old performance clips, but seems intent on being the first to post every morsel it can collect, asking others to send in whatever videos and media they can get their hands on. There may be alot of footage available from fans who brought their digital cams out to the show.

'The night featured 2 other female alternative soul artist surprises as well, who I was really excited to be on the bill with. I also offered up for sale the first copies of my brand new cd, hot off the presses. My diehard Brighead friends appreciated the opportunity to get this before it's in the stores, autographed and dated in advance of the actual street release date. That's something special, I think,' informs an enthusiastic Brig Feltus.

More information is available regarding the July 10th performance via Quality Collective's Myspace page in addition to Brig Feltus' Myspace page and website,
Brig Feltus' events are regularly announced in Brig's monthly newsletter, and Brig Feltus' DreamTeam is tight lipped regarding other possible events that may be announced shortly.


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