Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our 100th post! Let us tell you about somethin' special- Have you heard of Aunt Keke Baby...

Aunt Keke lays ultra sexy vocals on tracks that are the fiercest spaced out trip hop/alternative/electronica in ether leather I've ever heard. Punk influences and a dreamy, angsty cry can be heard in the music, but I'm left with the impression that Aunt Keke is a slinky wildcat, yawning and suppressing her boredom with this world, by expressing all that is luxurious about her on digital wax.
No idea if there is an EP in the works, but I would buy it if there were.
I feel very meditated listening to her, like being in her presence has raised the level of my chakras to some degree.


If you're lucky you'll find her beyond the daisy fields, but one cannot promise that something this special will be easy to track down.

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