Friday, July 6, 2007

We love us some Shania D.

Shania D. is infectious and like Alia Marie, she's a female that laces her own production.

Follow us to her lair, beyond the daisy field ~~~~~~~*


Mrs.Grapevine said...

For me something is missing. It's not soulful enough, there is certainly a presence and talent but something stops it from being three-dimensional.

I think the tracks take over and she seems like a back-drop in her on song, with the exception of "Geneva". All the elements seem to come together, it's raw and exposed.

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks for commenting ^_^

What I dig most about her music is the innocence in it.
I dig the fact that she's producing her own stuff and find alot of her track production impressive.

I think her music is purposely raw?
I believe she's focused more on having a good time and enjoying the spirit of play in it.
I read a review to that effect and her vibe seems to match that feel.
It rang true.

Overall her energy makes me smile.
There's a lack of pretense there that reminds me to step-up without fearing how I'll come across, and just be.