Friday, July 13, 2007

The Modern Shaman- Memes

We deal in Memes all of the time.
Memes are thought patterns that can either be small thoughts or grand belief systems. They thrive from belief energy and grow with each believer or person who focuses energy in their direction.

If you're familar with 'The Secret' or Dreamvision, you know that perception influences energy. Quantum physics has discovered formally that the perciever influences the percieved. Shamans have asked the question 'Are you the dreamer or are you the dreamed?" for ages.

What do you choose to believe? Therein is your answer.

Maybe as an exercise we can create some Memes and see how they develop.
Attunement can take place with a person who wishes to align their aura/energy body with a certain frequency. A person who wants harmony would align themselves with a Meme of harmony...

Memes are made through chanting, meditation, asking the Higher Self to attune you to any particular attribute, or by just plain believing.
Hypnosis is nothing more than programming the unconscious mind, the instinctual seat of self. It is a form of conditioning, just as our childhoods condition us (our inner child or 'lifescript' as HMI teaches their student hypnotists).
Hypnosis happens everyday. Anyone in an Alpha position of controlling any environment is wielding Memes to the dependents 'Beta' individuals dependent upon them.
Hypnosis is the cause cycle of making the critical mind filter cave under an inundation of thoughts, so it will give access to the unconscious mind it was protecting with the list of inhibitions or no-no's acquired in life and early life especially.
This is why so many governments have kept their people in panic.
When you're in panic you are separated from your gut vibe and intuition which knows all because the heart is connected most intimately with the Source of all that is was and will be.
When you don't listen to your gut, or are panicked or hyper-fearful, your mind runs wild, through mind-body connection your body becomes tense and you become defensive which keeps you out of a state of intuitive and creative peace space.

This is a gem of wisdom if you really give this thought.

This is why owning your own mind is vital, or someone else will...
You don't let the world define you. You define yourself, and in so doing you master your path.

The manifestation cycle begins with the air energy of thought which experiences gestation (indoctrination) as in the water of the womb, asserts identity with the fire of action like a butterfly breaking through the chrysalis and is birthed in Earth energy.

Memes can also gain energy through symbols that acts as doors and can be used to read the synchronicities of energy.

Beyond the court of whispering Dandelion heads, there are dimensional doors that speaks more of Memes and Vibrational Medicine for wholeness of planet and individual. You should visit them.

~~~~~~@ says: The message of OS 0 1 2/Human Union is clear.

All problems are solved effectively and for certain when all sides win.


Anonymous said...

I AM the Dreamer and the Dreamed for I AM a figment of my own Cre8ive Imagin8ion...The Alpha...The Omega...Eternal Life...

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