Friday, July 27, 2007

Jin is NOT retired.

I thought he'd retired, but I was fortunately misinformed.
*schoolgirl sigh

Jin is still in the house.
He's been selling his cd's on cdbaby, and offering youtube chronicles of his travels (see below for a vid from the Craftykids Youtube channel). Jin is also an Obama supporter. The only track on his myspace at present is the one dedicated to the Obama 2008 campaign.

He's a sexy MF, with true skillz and unmistakable style.

Visit him by clicking the Cherry Lotus ~~~~~~~~&^&

While your at Youtube...Learn Chinese (Pardon the Pun- But Jin's "Learn Chinese" is still the joint...)
(I recommend Pimsleur CD's ---though I've lost 98% of my Mandarin due to lack of use---I have to say Pimsleur CD's are a very strong way to learn if you're going to use the language and lock it in, but hey...this is free for now if you don't feel like getting an ILL at the library for Pimsleur)

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