Monday, July 9, 2007

Invisible Woman reveals another gem

I recommend you stop in weekly to Invisible Woman's blog.
Here is the trailer to a film every household should have a copy of

There is so much that has taken place in black history/herstory that has been buried or under-publicized. It is emerging however.
Scrolls that prove Kemet/Africa's scholarly past have been unearthed in Timbuktu placing them in line or preceding academics during the Renaissance era and before.
The Moors who civilized Spain and were later 'demonized' by the church that took over with plenty of blood, rape and pillage, then basically buried history of The Moors (There's a good documentary on and the book 'The Moors in Spain' covers alot of the history).
The list goes on,
The information is out there.
The truth can't be held down for long, and really why would anyone want it to be?
Absence of truth is bad for all cultures. We should all be hip to the goings on of the world so we can advance the cause of the world.


Invisible Woman said...

Well said, and thanks for the love PZ :-)

PurpleZoe said...


Thankyou for the info.
Your blog is inspirational and a comfort to return to.