Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emily Wells Comes Packaged In Moonbeams

Emily Wells holds the keys to several secret worlds.

She parts the clouds and points to rainbows. She reaches into musical dimensions and delivers access cards.

Emily Wells comes packaged in moonbeams and all sorts of star-printed wrapping, but she is no mere doll. Emily lives, breathes, and releases music, like trees release oxygen.

We need her in a time of dire musical pollution.

Her current album, is a multi-layered anointing of her dream exhaust. The dramatic chords, and poignancy of moondust lyrics.

There is always a medicine woman or village shaman who sees what we need to see. Emily is among the few in the global village currently doing this on an archetypal level.

Her albums are essential for the inspiration of well-functioning brains everywhere.

Shh... Follow us to the secret lab and acquire copies of these inter-dimensional discs, beyond the daisy field ~~~~~~*

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