Monday, July 23, 2007

Ear Drum drops today!


Hmmm... Now the release date is reading 8/21 on some sites.
Apologies if I'm in error. I was informed the release was today.

My soul along with many others, is looking forward to the inspiration. This brothah kicks the science with complete articulation and thoughtful wisdom of his subjects.
If I'm gonna hear anyone kick spirituality and grassroots reality, it's Brothah Talib.


Do you have your copy of Ear Drum?

Don't forget that the other speaker of truth, Common, drops his Finding Forever album on the 31st.

And Real music Alicia's album is out in the fall....
Music is back y'all.


hottnikz said...

I can't wait to hear this album. I've heard a few tracks off his and heard Common's whole album and will be purchasing both of them.

PurpleZoe said...

You and me both. Apparently the date is Aug. 21st. I hope it will really release this time.
This is becoming painful, Talib.
Common's album is on the BUY THAT DAY list as well.