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The Modern Shaman- Chakric Crash Course

For those how don't know a great deal about chakras...
Here's the skinny:

Chakras are energy wheels that represent certain dimensions of our consciousness. It's been scientifically proven that energy is the same energy whether it is thought or body. The difference takes place because the rate of vibration becomes slower as energy becomes more solid. Comprehending this we know than our consciousness can be mental, physical emotional and etc. Hence proof that 'Mind over Matter' is a fact and more than just a good motto. Mind is matter, basically. Choose your thoughts well. Also check who is running your thoughts with potentially systemized propaganda. It can run real deep in society.
Hint: If you feel forced, scared into accepting a thought pattern, or controlled...You're probably being played by the system's upper 1% (It's how they've stayed rich).

Own your own mind.

When we are balanced the colors of our chakras are healthy and bright, meaning the wheels are spinning appropriately. When our chakras aren't balanced, they move too slowly or too fast. Extremes are never good. There should always be balance.
Check more from Buddha (formerly known as Siddartha)on that wisdom.

You do not have to join a religion to work with your chakras. Like Reiki this is just life force medicine and science utilized by many sages. It is said that Yashua (some of you call him Jesus, but there were no J's in ancient Aramaic so I prefer to use his Jewish name, as he was Jewish afterall) studied the mystical sciences in the books of the bible that are reputed to be missing, since the bible only covers about 3 years of his life and many things have been lost in translation.

Many adepts, avatars, and messengers are and have been aware of Eastern medicines.
Most sought to become one with their Higher Selves.

Now you can learn too.

Quick Chakra List by Color:

The chakras have color associations, sound associations and etc.
For now we will focus on the color of each of the major seven chakras according to the major gland they are associated with in the physical body, and their main functions. For more, two recommended books are those by Ruth White and the classic Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith.

Root Chakra

Color Red, The root chakra is the zone of consciousness most concerned with survival and the body. When it is balanced our careers and professional lives are peacefully aligned and we are in touch with our bodies, feeling very secure and taken care of in terms of physical needs. This chakra is the base of the others. If it is imbalanced the others often are as well.
( Be careful and use moderation when balancing this chakra with the color Red as it can bring out aggressive qualities if used excessively)

Womb Chakra

Color Orange, The womb chakra is the zone of consciousness connected with our awareness of the 'other'. For this reason it is the seat of nurturing, healthy emotion, and connectedness to others in terms of emotional intimacy. If this is imbalanced working with its color by wearing it, or taking color baths (use food coloring if you'd like to tint the water for a color bath), or meditating with the color can balance it, as working with the colors of all chakras can balance them.
If a chakras primary function is off balance you will know because 'issues' will arise in the areas of any chakra's particular zone.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Color Yellow, The Will and Life force/Energy level.
Drug addicts (incl. cigarette smokers, sugar addicts etc) have an imbalanced solar plexus, as dependency issues arise when this wheel isn't spinning correctly.
Working with the color yellow can aid this and other lack of independence issues.

Heart Chakra

Color Green, This is the zone of the family, group-oriented self. This is where our belongingness in society is registered. It is also the place we connect to our marriage/union partners with. Indian lore sites this as the place where we keep our dreams when referring to a tree in the heart called Kalpataru. It is also definitely a place of truest fuel, as our purpose on this Earth in truth is what keeps us going. The heart chakra is the balancer chakra.

Throat Chakra

Color Blue, the chakra of self expression. This is where we express ourselves. If this zone is imbalanced we will take on roles to please others rather than express and thusly reveal our true selves (which is reached when we operate from our hearts and what we love genuinely rather than our fears). This area usually develops from age 12-14 (which can often be a time where children have trouble with lying and cliques as they learn how to express their true voices)

Third Eye Chakra

Color Indigo, This is the seat of perception and where concepts that are image and symbol based are born. This is also the seat of the intuition and perception. How we define things dictates what form we take to some extent. This is the Dreamvision area, where we blueprint what we manifest. Surround yourself with heart affirming images of beauty that set you at ease. Its good for the health of this chakra, and inspires positive thinking.

Crown Chakra

Color Gold, Violet, This is the seat of our dharmic self, the one who knows what we came here to complete. It is the rational and Divinely based mind. Our archetypal self is here. It is our connection to our Highest Self.

More in time...

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