Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegan - Make Homemade Tofu


Only thing that I have reservations with is the additive.
If anyone knows of a substitute for Calcium Sulfate, could you let a sistah know?

Enjoy the how-to vid.

Found a possible solution for the calcium sulfate dilemma.
A recipe is pasted below from:



Soymilk (Make soymilk first and use it with this recipe)
3 tablespoons of epsom salts
2 tablespoons of nigari (Oriental coagulant)
a half cup of lemon juice
a quarter cup of vinegar
Used butter tub with drain holes punched in bottom.

In separate cup dissolve the epsom salts or nigari (do I really need to say you don't have to do this to the vinegar or lemon juice?) Add the dissolved coagulant to the soymilk. Mix well. Solids Will start to curdle. When well mixed, let it sit for a few hours. Then re-line your trusty colander with more fine cloth and strain. Place the curds and liquid in the colander. Let drain. You now have soft tofu. To get firmer tofu for frying, you need to press it. Take the mass in the cloth and press overnight betweeen two tipped plates with a weight on it (soup cans work well), or --if you live in a house with cats, dogs, or small children -- put in the butter tub and place weights on it to force out the liquid. The resulting mass will be much more solid. If its hot do all this in the refrigerator.

While all this sounds time consuming you work around the other events of your day and make nice soymilk and tofu.

Or you can get a Soymilk maker. Many places sell them. Two places are listed below.

Yep they sell them too! The cheapest ones I found were listed there.

Also sells soybeans, and authentic oriental coagulant.

1) Substitute Soymilk for regular milk in cooking and drinking. If your family objects, use half soy and half milk. In cooking people hardly ever notice.

2) Substitute Tofu for cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, or part of the cheese in most recipes. Half cheese and half tofu will lower fat in most cheese recipies without compromising flavor.

For More Soy Recipes and Ideas of all sorts (tempa, miso, etc.) Go to:

Ten Tempting Ideas for Tofu"

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