Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding Forever Drops Today. Got Yours?


Finding Forever. Got Yours? I got Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! Well... I got mine in two days because I signed up for Amazon Prime to get the deal. I don't know that I'll be keeping Amazon prime however, if I won't be making the purchases in a year to justify a 79$ fee....

Let's have a video moment....

Yes, Yes Y'all.
You know... Common has gotten hella sexy. He wasn't really my slice back in the day.
I was more of a Mos Def chic in terms of attraction, but... Common is doin' it right now.
Don't let me run into him on a night when my defenses are down...psyche (I've got control of libido, really, I'm practically a born-again virgin)

I was hoping the artlessness in previous music wasn't the sign of a downhill trip into more garbage and mindless expression. And once again hope has proven it can grow in any crop, and is thusly...invincible.
Now for Talib...and Then Kanye...
Real Music is back. Personally I'm ignoring the plague-like artists that tried to destroy it. Won't you join me? They'll go away if we don't look at them.


update (8/3/2007):

Finding Forever is instant vintage. Classic material.
Common earns extra points as well for putting himself on the line and writing a lovesong that is undeniably for Miss Badu...
The song is called 'I Want You'.
It's beautiful to see a man secure enough in his own skin to be a man and own up to what's really in his heart.
Common deserves some extra love for that.

Common Blog-Appreciation Day is tomorrow. Blog your Common Love.


Invisible Woman said...

haha...that's funny. I am ignoring them as well. Common gets sexier and sexier every year...I think that Sacred Woman (Erykah Badu, who went through Queen Afua's training) had an amazing effect on him.

For the past two weeks I have been collecting the most beautiful pictures of him on my hardrive, debating on whether or not to post them on my blog w/o looking like a teenaged groupie...:-)

PurpleZoe said...


Let's have a Common day, and be girlie highschool together. We can blog some fly pics of Common along with any other recruits we can find.
He is definitely growing sexier and sexier, and deserves props that increase album sales...

Whatcha think?

hottnikz said...

He album is the best album that I have purchased all year. The track "I want you" is the truth, tears came to my eyes the first time I heard it. I feel bad for him, and I hope him and Erykah can get back together, they were cute together. My favorite track is "Black Maybe".

PurpleZoe said...

Same here.
I don't know if I have a favorite yet. This album is instant vintage for real. Extremely enjoyable listening from start to finish.

Bless the love track he wrote for Erykah.It caught my heart listening to it, so there must be power for it to evoke emotion from you, me and probably countless others.
They were beautiful together.