Friday, July 13, 2007

The Modern Shaman - The Wolf Totem

The Modern Shaman's Medicine Totems connect the plastic reality of (so-called) 'civilized' society with the ancient and eternal reality of life force and form.
Today I am moved beyond words to present Wolf medicine to you as well as a link to an effort to save the lives of our innocent four-legged wolf brethren from being massacred for illogical reasons.
Said link is there, please click the justice arrow and take action ----->

Wolf Medicine Totem

Wolf Medicine is the medicine of the leader and the organization of the group. Humans have patterned hunting skills and other wisdoms for social structure by observing the wolf. The wolf is the call of instinct within all of us that neither acts impulsively or with overdone waiting. Balance and precision come from being in tune with one's lifeforce/chi.
The Wolf Medicine totem asks you to ask yourself what it is you truly seek, and what you have to contribute to the group. The Wolf is very communal. Who are you to your community and who is your community to you?

Study the habits of animals, and the properties of various natural totems as well for a clue to their spiritually medicinal (balancing) properties and wisdom. Such is the way of the Modern Shaman.

An excellent source for Wolf Medicine information is just there beyond the whispering dandelion heads ~~~~~~~~@

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