Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Appreciation- Meshell Ndegecello

Meshell came to us channeling the mythological fires of a warrior goddess, reminding us of our flame, and the might of truth refusing to be unspoken. She spoke her mind, claimed her sexuality, and investigated her spirituality before us with an unflinching awareness of her right to do so. Meshell is our champion and deserves our appreciation.

Even in an industry that fears the magnificence of an unapologetically aware womyn, Meshell has continued to deliver an intelligent mental nectar for the blossoming minds of those who are only beginning to realize their feminine potential unfettered.

Grounded, Earthy life force fueled 'I AM' presence, is a grace Meshell gives to us by example.
Grow from it.
You're a unique creature for a reason. Embrace your signature. Every story in its untainted truth is part of the story.

And now... We enter Meshell's zone via the technology of embeddable video.

Meshell Ndegeocello performs songs from "Comfort Woman" (2003)

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Visit her realm through black stardust

Update: 9/13/07

Guess who has an album coming out?
It's official...I am psychic.

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hottnikz said...

I like some of her earlier work. I might check her out.