Friday, September 7, 2007

Indiefied - Eagle and Talon

reprint of Purple Mag article

Leotard Rock, Kickin Casios, and the other fabulosities of Eagle and Talon

I have discovered the founders of leotard rock...
When I listen to their music I grin, feel like my love interest in an 80’s film (about highschool, troubled love, and profound thoughts shared over a malt at some local hangout), will come to my window any minute attempting to serenade me whilst I give the silent treatment and weigh my options.

This music makes you proud to be angry. You feel clever, and powerful doing so. Moreover it is fun, and innocent to be angry when your personal soundtrack has been recorded by Eagle and Talon.

This is the kind of music that lingers in your consciousness, and rises up when a poignant moment is featured in your life, that requires just the right song to frame its magnificence.

I wuv Eagle and Talon.

They are on my Top 24.
They are likely to stay there.

They’re so worthy, and delightful, you will giggle.
I haven’t even listened to their EP yet, but I look forward to burning it to CD from itunes.
I am even more psyched that their album should be out this Winter…That’s like…really soon.

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