Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crystalheads- Multidimensional Consciousness

I've been studying metaphysics for years, but haven't gotten too in depth with multi-dimensional consciousness until recently. The universe is an extraordinary Divine machine, and as synchronicity would have it, the info made it's way to me once I realized I wanted to comprehend more than I have.

What I've been learning so far ties into what I comprehend about the chakras as dimensions within the self.

It is a generally accepted theory that we're in the third dimensional consciousness as a whole with Indigo/Crystal children having at least one foot in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension can be roughly understood as the astral realm with the lower and higher dimensions, as well as a path to the fifth dimension where individual consciousness is still a reality without the feeling of separation from the collective.

Too back up a bit though, I find the information about the fourth dimension to be interesting because we visit the fourth dimension every evening and become unconscious to the third dimension as we are awake in the fourth.

As a sometime lucid dreamer this is very interesting info and makes a great deal of sense to me, moreso than previous attempts I've come across to explainf the fourth dimension.

More on this later.
In the meantime you can visit this informative realm in the ethers beyond the black daisy.


cooper said...

I am totally uneducated regarding metaphysics. This makes me curious enough to learn more.

PurpleZoe said...

Hey Cooper ^_^

Metaphysics is fascinating. Everything adds up and alot of it is basically alternative medicine by healing at the roots of consciousness to restore what is already there.
Lately though the dimensional stuff is becoming increasingly intriguing. Alot of folks have been having unusual experiences, that are supposed to be attributed to the change of mass consciousness on a dimensional level.

Should be interesting to see how it all unfolds.