Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Respect The Ancestors

Asked to headline the Black Enterprise 14th annual Golf and Tennis Challenge this past Friday, Eddie Griffin decided to base his set around his opposition to the banning of the 'n' word. This included repeated use of the 'n' word until his mike was cut and he was asked to leave the stage. The crowd applauded and gave a standing O to this choice, which Reverend Al Sharpton later applauded.

Eddie was paid but his services, the crowd would agree, were not needed.

How bout this Eddie...

A little respect for the Ancestors who died being branded with that word.
A little respect for your forbears who were raped by justification that word supposedly provided.
A little respect and reverence for our ancestors who bled for the freedoms won back for generations that need to avoid the snares that would cast them as fools and minstrels if corporate 'social engineers' have their way...

You're more intelligent than this. I know you are.


Invisible Woman said...

"You're more intelligent than this. I know you are"

Keep hope alive! haha

PurpleZoe said...


I'm sayin... I hope he's more intelligent than that. What's the deal with folks that don't know the gravity of the systematic conditioning applied to black culture (not to mention colors of culture in general...)?