Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Restoration of Our Rights Begins

Pieces of the Patriot Act have been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, who believes searching without probable cause, is NOT okay.
See, not everyone in government is completely crazy ^_^
Heartwarming news indeed.

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Groovemaster offers an interesting factoid and a healthy dose of sarcasm:

Interesting fact

The entire Patriot Act (over 300 pages) was written BEFORE 9/11 occurred.

Nothing suspicious about that, though... Just like there's nothing suspicious about Bush/Cheney refusing to testify to the 9/11 commission under oath (or even have their testimony recorded), and nothing suspicious about the Bush administration vehemently resisting an official investigation for over 500 days.

Yep, 9/11 was all exactly as they told us it was... These people are extremely trustworthy and credible in everything they say and do. ;)

While hardly credible, these fools did remind us not to let fear rule us...

The restoration of Habeas Corpus will follow (this was my prediction last year and I hold to it).

More Fight For Your Rights News...

More Failed Intimidation Tactics-Police CAUGHT staking out videographer who caught them on tape

Verizon (in bed with AT&T.Yahoo.AOL and other internet freedom hating, wire tapping, bandwidth stealing fiends...) shows their true colors and infringes on Text Messaging Rights


Yobachi said...

"who believes searching without probable cause, is NOT okay."

It's unbelieviable that this statement has to be made - that "a" judge, 5 years later thinks what the Constitution absolutely explicitly says is illegal.

I when get too excited too soon. Just like I pointed out when Mychael Bell's conviction first got overturned. Another court can come behind him/her and reverse this decision.

Yobachi said...

I meant to say "I wouldn't get too excited..."

PurpleZoe said...

Agreed. It's a damn shame I would even have to get so excited (posting pastel smiling Earth drawings no less ^_^), for something we ALREADY had, before the walking dead took (literally) office.

I have hope though.
Only a small percentage of sanity is needed to overcome an unthinkable amount of insanity.

People are waking up, and reconnecting with their hearts. They're rediscovering courage because of it.