Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mychal Bell is Free!

Young Brothah Mychal is out on 45,000.00 bail.

Mr. Boswell at may have more details soon.

Virtual Marchers and Activists, keep your banners and photos up until justice is truly served.
It is wonderful that he is no longer imprisoned, but we have to see the conclusion through before we know how honest the Jena legal system is willing to be under the pressure of extreme exposure in the mainstream.

It's important we continue to stand and make our voices heard.

If you haven't joined the Ongoing Virtual March please see the sidebar and click the signup link (largest font). You can note your site in the comments, as a virtual marcher. Please be sure your photos state your desire for the Jena 6 to be freed in a sign you're holding or with superimposed type over the image, so there is no mistaking what your photo is for.
The goal is to keep our Virtual March photos in the sidebar until we are positive justice has been served.

Peace be upon you all.
Thankyou for your stand in troubled times.




Interesting turn of events when Caucasian student wears 'Free The Jena 6' shirt to school.

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