Monday, September 10, 2007

Better Intentions or... ?

Interesting choice Hollywood seems to have made.
Thankyou Saladin for the heads up.

Is Hollywood making efforts to stop demonizing Arabs while drawing attention to the removal of Habeas Corpus and other rights this country is supposed to be founded on? I should hope Hollywood will be making efforts to evolve.



Yobachi said...

We could only hope, but I wouldn't hold my breath with expectiation.

That looks like a real good film though; I was just saying to myself this morning that I wonder if there are any new movies on the horizon I might want to see now that I saw 3 I was interested in this summer.

But why is your youtube so small?

PurpleZoe said...

There are a few interesting albeit under-promoted movies that came out. Hopefully more will be coming. I'm definitely not holding my breath on Hollywood's intentions but I do hope for a mainstream awakening deep down, because a large part of our society has gone insane.

I minimized the size of the video windows to fit the aesthetic and make moving them to the sidebar easier so they don't get cut off.

You can click on the youtube logo to go to the full size Youtube pages usually.