Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Green- Considering the Secret Life of Plants

Digg has become my new thing to check daily. I don't know how long that will last but, I do find some beautifully off-beat news that makes my little rebel heart glow.

This is one of them:

Plants have their own network, and chemically warn each other of approaching predators.

"The caterpillars are coming"

I have yet to read The Secret Life Of Plants (it's in the plans), but I've read articles on the subject and references to it in various tomes I've flipped through. Some might think the intelligence of plants could present a problem for those Vegans who refuse to eat animals for reasons of being cruelty-free, but there's always the solution of only eating those things that have fallen voluntarily from a tree, vine and etc. Some hardcore- Vegans already regulate their diets with the aid of this reasoning.

There is research that indicates plants seem to close their consciousness before they are harvested.

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