Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Value of the Common Voice

It's no secret that the days of jumping through hoops to secure an opportunity to express oneself are over. The blogosphere is fast becoming a media source in its own right that has proven its worth on many levels, including the level of grassroots activism as seen in the case of The Jena 6.
Anyone with technology as common as a cameraphone can capture news that can go 'viral' in a matter of minutes or hours, with the potential to evolve into global news, threatening the shadowy 'secret' positions of the elite or making a celebrity of the average citizen.
It would seem a new kind of justice and opportunity to see that everyone is held accountable for their actions, and a global venue for the common voice is here.

Talks of regulating and imposing ethical codes upon bloggers have wisely fizzled out, seeing as blogger audiences do their own regulating via comments and forums, but it would seem some are not celebrating the influential power in this mode of expression, and are instead troubled by the ultimate freedom the 'new media' is experiencing.

Consider how this will affect the shape of the world in years to come.
Please feel free to discuss.

Check the list below for a few interesting Digg's on the subject of global access to grassroots media audiences (expect updates to this list):,2933,297869,00.html,,2170960,00.html

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