Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Indiefied- Captive Libertine Artist Brig Feltus Selects Pinar Eris for Video Dress Design

Los Angeles, CA, September 2007 --( Anyone who has followed Captive Libertine Artist Brig Feltus' unfolding is aware of her unusual taste in fashion, and flair for the sensually dark whimsical interior world that Brig grants her audience a peek into. Even her logos reflect a sense of fantastical identity. Her corseted butterfly logo is easily recognizable in the Myspace and Indie circuit, and can be seen on merchandise donned by fans, likewise her Brighead logo has coined a name for fans who have begun to call themselves Brigheads.

"It's no wonder Brig chose Pinar Eris to design the storytale dress she dons for her album inset. Pinar has a similar flair for fantasy in her designs. It's a beautiful match," shares Daz, a member of Brig's DreamTeam.

With a corseted middle, the dress hosts a train of color and textures that complement her eclectic style. The train of the dress has great length and, like Brig's music, acts as a visual key that takes you into her world, proving her flair for storytelling through a number of mediums. The shots captured of Brig in the Pinar Eris gown are taken fittingly in woodland scenery, and add further backdrop for an already larger than life persona.

"I came across Pinar's work on myspace via a profile picture of a model she'd used for one of her promotional shoots for her last line of couture fashion. A few months later, I was watching a music awards red carpet coverage on television and Imogen Heap was wearing this outrageous outfit that I can't even explain to you... All I know is that it stuck in my head and I searched and searched for some coverage that would tell me who designed Imogen's imaginative outfit for that night. It was the Turkish-born Pinar Eris, an L.A. based designer I'd seen already on myspace and already thought of her work as something I could relate to. I am fascinated with several different fashion aesthetics that somehow resonate with who I am. East European Gypsies, Burlesque Dancers, 20's, 30's, 40's Jazz Divas, Exotic Vixens from other eras... I celebrate the complex balance that is powerful femininity," shares Brig Feltus.

"Pinar Eris embodies that in her design. My favorite item of clothing being the corset, Eris seemed perfect because she is well known for her traditional handmade corsets and bustiers. I wanted her to create for me the fantasy dress I had in mind for a music video concept I have for my second single on the debut album. As I wrote the treatment for that video, we were in the studio recording violins for the song, and I could see the dress in my mind's eye. I met with Pinar and we sat and talked together for less than an hour. She made a couple of loose sketches that might not have seemed so impressive at first glance, but I'd already seen her work before and just had a feeling she'd be just perfect to bring the dress to life. We spent an adventuresome day downtown Los Angeles in the Garment and Textiles District combing through shop after shop looking for the perfect fabrics for the dress' many details... eight different fabrics in all. By the time it was finished and I stepped into it for the first time, I was immediately transformed, just as I imagined in my mind's eye months earlier. Now? I'm just scheming how to have an excuse for commissioning her to create more beautiful garments for me to wear. Soon..."

The resulting marriage of the Brig Feltus vision as Butterfly Queen in captivity, and Pinar Eris' skilled ability to translate that into material will be seen in Brig Feltus' music video for the follow-up single to head over heels.

Brig Feltus is an Indie darling debuting the long awaited album, Love and Light Vol.1 early September. Her website is

Pinar Eris is an acclaimed fashion designer well known for the surreal perspective of her creations. Her website is:

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