Sunday, September 2, 2007

Purple Mag's Mass Meditation on the 3rd (of every month)

If you have anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to spare tomorrow, the Mass Meditation circuit, not to mention the Earth, is happy to know it. Every month on the 3rd at either 3 or 9, am or pm in all time zones, Mass Meditation around the globe is encouraged that generates love, focuses on the basic needs of everyone being met, and infuses the ethers with positive consciousness.
Mass Meditation works. It is as effective, if not more as the negative thoughts we have that are impactful to the environment and others around us. Osmosis is no joke. If you focus a nice amount of time on positive thought you can uplift your environment singlehandedly.

The Mass Meditation can be participated in via chanting a positive word like 'love' repeatedly for 15 minutes on up to an hour or more, stating affirmations that are helpful (in present tense... ie. The world is safe...The psyche understands present tense and delivers). Visualization works tremendously well also. See a world with lush greenery, safe happy children and intelligent, peaceful elders. Have the faith of a mustard seed y'all. It's time to put into action, the wisdoms given us by the many messengers sent to enlighten us and connect us with our innate abilities. The planet needs us to uplift our consciousness. Our children need us to uplift our consciousness.

Change the world, one thought at a time - Purple Magazine/UltravioletUnderground (TM)

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Invisible Woman said...

Did it at 3am this morning, and will at 9am in a minute. Will try for 9pm as well :-)

PurpleZoe said...

Positive Mass Consciousness is a definite solution I'm thinking. Now to promote this to large numbers... We'll see how it flows.
The MassMeditationProject on myspace is doing their thing as well with random Mass Mediations.
In What the Bleep do we know, they shared proof that Mass Meditation brought down crime rates in DC to the amazement of a skeptical Police Chief.

Invisible Woman said...

I loved What The Bleep Do We made me look at more than several things differently..

PurpleZoe said...

It definitely broke things down in a way non-Quantum Physicists can appreciate. I reference it often. The Secret also did a decent job enlightening the masses. It gives folks the math that the Ancients already knew, but I think Mass Meditation groups and etc can do alot to keep the message going and show folks just how much potential we have to create peace on this orb.

I still have hope...It's the only thing that keeps me sane in times like this, I think.