Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gay Reform Counselor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting His Clients Hoping to Be Cured By The Church

" Two scholars funded by the "ex-gay" ministry Exodus reported greatly mixed results this week in the most ambitious study yet on whether faith-based therapy can "cure" homosexuality, days after a counselor in another "ex-gay" program was sentenced on felony charges of sexually attacking his male clients.

Christopher Austin, 43, was sentenced in Dallas to 10 years in prison on two counts of felony sexual assault in connection with his work in the "ex-gay" program Renew, operated out of the Church of Christ South MacArthur in Irving, Texas. A judge last week reduced his sentence to seven years' probation, not concurrently, on each charge, a district attorney's spokesman told "

I'd be very surprised if no one saw this coming.
Homosexuality has even been seen in the animal kingdom in monkeys, and from what I understand also in goats, just as opposite gender relations are seen in the animal kingdom. I have known men with alternative lifestyles that were showing homosexual tendencies straight out of the womb, and simply are who they are created to be. May their identity and self-love be blessed because they're lifestyle is their choice and God has given all of us freewill afterall.

Maybe less judging of others and more focusing on one's own life is in order for those who feel justified in condemning another person when they surely lack the right to do so...
The Most High doesn't make mistakes. The truth is in the heart.