Saturday, September 29, 2007

Call For Solidarity - Those In Authority Need To Be Held Accountable For Their Actions

I barely have words right now, but I do have links you can click to verse yourself in these injustices that have risen to the surface of late.
These incidents are not happening for no reason with such high visibility.
ANYONE who is interested in true justice, should be interested in seeing justice served no matter the color of the skins involved. WE ALL must take a stand. SHARE THE TRUTH of these stories with everyone. Continue to fill petitions. Join Organizations that can further the progress of true justice in this country. Stand. March, Boycott companies that do not share the vision of World Unity. We have power. Complacency isn't working. Use your voice.

These incidents are no longer to be tolerated.
There must be strong repercussions to dissuade the behaviors we have seen by 'authority figures' who are engaged in injustice towards others, or who support those committing injustices. Plain and simple.


Here are a few suggestions for the People Who Need To Be Regulating The Justice System
(check back for updates)

Do Not Taser Elderly Wheelchair Bound Women To Death.

Do Not Arrest A Person For A Few Bad Checks Used To Purchase USED clothing and other necessities Ten Days After They Have Experienced A Horrific Week Long Rape And Torture That The Torturers Told That Person Was Perpetrated Because Of Her Race---Also, Categorize Such Attacks Based ON Race Appropriately As Hate Crimes.

Fire and Arrest Officers For Misconduct, Period.

Arrest Security Guards Who Break The Wrists Of Little Girls, Whilst Calling Them "Nappyhead" No Less---Do not arrest the girl, her mother for demanding the security guards arrest, or the person who caught it on tape.

Put Down Canine Officers Who Bite The Scrotums Off Of Suspects, While Investigating And Arresting The Human Officers Involved Based On The Conclusion Of An Outside Investigator.I could give a damn about that particular dog's life when it has castrated a 15 year boy savagely.


shae-shae said...

I agree. There is way too much going on to be ignored. People are spiraling out of control and it will only erupt in the end.

jon said...

A wonderful list that everyone should be aware of. What is required of course is real grass roots political action.

Classifying something as a "Hate Crime" however, really means nothing. In fact, the advent of Hate Crimes will usher the advent of Thought Crime. Prosecute the crime on its merit. If some one is vandalized what makes it worse that they spray painted a swastika on the side of the synagogue than any other symbol? Prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent the law allows for vandalism. I seriously hope that our society begins to always seek justice on the merits of the case and not for what the person thought when commiting the crime. because what thoughts are right or wrong is subjective and should never be in the purview of the courts, or "mob rule". We are then replacing one injustice, with another.

This is a great post. Thank you for the links and heightening awareness.

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for visiting Shae Shae and Jon

Action definitely needs to be taken, but before action is taken direction is required.
'The People' are in dire need of a thinktank at the moment, but for the time being spreading the word has the power to influence change and the development of real solutions.

Yobachi said...

Black folks and people in general who really care about justice for all need to stand up.

It's crazy out here. Have you been following Electronic Village where the school security guard broke the teenage girls wrist cause she would pick up cake crumbs fast enough?

I also mention some similar, but different incidents in my lastest post, "color struck".

PurpleZoe said...

Hey Yobachi!

I posted a link about the case with the security guard in this post. I subscribe to Electronic Village through email and first heard about it there.
Fortunately 'the people' have been making some noise about it over there, but it might need national intervention if major action to resolve it isn't taken. Time needs to be served by this "security' guard, and any of the school administration who allowed it or possibly ordered it.

These cowardly acts are nothing short of insane, and the fact is people of color really aren't having it now that we've had some time (not hasslefree time but time) to get a decent footing in the colonized version of this country.

It took a minute to attempt to heal, and now it appears with the strength we've gathered it's time to set things straight once and for all.

All this cowardly racist propaganda and posturing won't be tolerated. Black folks, other people of color and Whitefolks alike need to stand against racism now and make a HUGE impression upon society and ensure that we start punishing race offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

Let the biggots be the new 'victims'...
That'll stop the madness to a large degree.

Let hate crimes be called hate crimes, and let the sentence be the most extreme in such cases. Crime is terrible yes, but hate crimes are a warped and deeply disturbing as well as misguided expression of anger.