Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indiefied- Lydia Caesar

Lydia Ceasar's voice is strong etheric truth. There's a force behind her voice that threatens to blow the house down, but with a chesire cat smile she gives it to us gentle-like with a confident multi-faceted swagger and the undeniable vibe that she isn't going anywhere. We need a soul sanger, and that's why she's been sent.

So relax, and enjoy the cool breeze that most graciously comes to us softly, so we can reaccustom ourselves to soul, before she brings the storm that prompts an unavoidable and desperately needed rebirth in soul music.

If you're quick you might catch her Myspace remix of Kanye's 'Stronger' (available for download), which in my humble opinion, steals the original's entire show.

She can sometimes be found amongst the black daisies


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