Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gatherings of More Than 5 Banned in Burma

Recent Avaaz literature is advising that the Burmese Junta are banning gatherings of more than 5 and have sent thousands of troops to take control of the streets.
Irregardless, Burmese Monks and protesters continue to march. Five monks have been shot by Burmese officers in Rangoon. Panicking officers have teargassed, and beaten marchers as well.

An emergency meeting of the UN security council has been called, and the hope is that China, who holds economic strings in the Burmese regime will apply necessary pressure to stop the violence.
This will be the second request for China's intervention in recent times, as China's assistance has been called on by Dream For Darfur, due to their role as supplier to the regime in the Sudan.

You can make a difference. Please sign the petition through the link below that 75,000.00 people have signed already, to show your support of these brave Burmese Marchers, who are standing for their civil rights in a bold stance against the powers that be.

Sign the Petition Here

Take a stand for the future of the world in all the corners of the global village.



Violence seeks to further discourage freedomfighters stance

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