Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Indiefied- Deep Cotton

Independently minded, and enjoying a plane of fantastical notions made manifest, Deep Cotton takes your hand and leads you, at a skipping pace, to decipher the profound halls of your inner guru child.
They share their brilliance generously and somehow you muster the courage to step away from the machine, to move about freely on the inner planes.
The rays of a smiling sun follow you while you make your way, giggling, following your mysterious enlighteners through dream terrain, downpours of Angel Tears and the comfort of pastel rainbows, before discovering the edge of a dreamworld where genius code gurus in vintage jordans and cyborg initiates in tuxedos assuming a buffalo stance to access the more sublime dimensions of ongoing Kemetian renaissance, smile to you from above their books and energy analyzing configurations/contraptions.
This signals the end of your sun and moonbeam lit tour.
And you notice...just there... you can jump the clouds to find the beginning of your own lucid dream crafting because dipped at the end of your intention pen is the splendor ink of an awakened heart...


Follow the procession of glowing heart nomads and waking cyborgs who walk roads paved with stardust for more WISM


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