Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Grassroute - Google and the ebook

The phenomena of digitized books and digitization in general has made it possible to save and access an amazing amount of information. It's possible to become well-educated with the information on the internet alone and Google is making it possible for you to read books online that are in the public domain and scanned into their Google Books system. You can find more obscure titles as well from independent authors, and limited edition snippets of current books found with most retailers.

You can download the .pdf's (complimentary) as well.

Imagine, 70 plus years from now when some of the current books in circulation become public domain. They'll already be digitized and available online ^_^

If anything deserves a little buzz, it's this.
You have to applaud the proper utilization of technology.

Yay for virtual libraries.

Google Books I'm downloading as we speak:

The Moors is Spain
Metaphysics; The science of perception
The American Journal of Psychology

and more 'Full View' tomes...

Other reasons I love Google:


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