Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Babygirl, your still a flower

I realize Lauryn has had 'Human moments', but that would be the point of having a human experience. Walking a spiritual path, with eyes wide open amidst potentially millions with eyes wide shut, isn't cake.

Yes, it sucks to purchase a concert ticket and not have an experience with a venue that has taken the time to test equipment for feedback. Yes, you want to see the same energy you saw years ago. Yes, you paid for your ticket.
But let's not be so quick to jump on Lauryn whilst raining down judgment.

Lauryn Hill is a Queen sister example.
She's been bold enough to drop knowledge, and her talent runs deep.

'They'll hail you, they'll nail you no matter who you are...'
-Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Technical difficulties and incompetent staff can happen to the best of the best.
I know we are not so cheap and easily bought that we have to have a glammed out image and utter illusion of perfection from our legendary performers, without offering real love energy and compassion, especially for someone striving with sincerity to be the realest version of themselves possible.

We're a better global village than that, at the core of things.

Bless you Lauryn, I look forward to the artistry that comes from your heart in the future, and truly don't care if you wear a paper bag to your concert.

It ain't over.


Anonymous said...

I agree PurpleZoe...

It's like the Green Goblin said in Spider Man, "The only thing people love more than a hero is to see a hero fall."

You'd think after that whole Jesus story people would put away the nails and crucifixes....feel me?

I'm ridin' out with L Boogie until the wheels fall off and when the wheels fall off that's when we spread our wings and fly!!!

Dreams Are Real and Inspirations Jus' A Breath Away!!!


PurpleZoe said...

Fly quote, and so true.
Ridiculously sad though.

There are so many parables, traditions, myths and even faerietales that carefully lay out the realities in human imperfection. You'd think by now more folks would get it, and get over themselves.
Folks 'hate' because they aren't feeling themselves.

The wisdoms have been laid out every way possible.

I am also ridin' with L Boogie, sprouting wings and flying.

Consciousness is precious, Brother Life. Thankyou for being an example of awareness. It's a blessing.

Mrs.Grapevine said...

I think people actually want Lauryn to succeed, and they will keep giving her chance hoping for a nostalgic moment, the same way they want to see Whitney Houston prevail.

She is indeed human, but I think she is getting in her own way. People who wear there spirits publically are more prone to scarring. They don't take the time to heal those scars before it's too late.

Darkness can be just as infectious as light, meaning Lauryn can't get past the scars, the hurts, and pains of life. It makes for great music, pure and soulful, but it also sets the path for a spiritual and mental breakdown.

Being an open spirit is hard, and she just needs sometime to heal.

PurpleZoe said...

I can definitely agree that she needs time to heal. The idea that a person has to be superhuman causes alot of folks to emerge when it's not time and they should still be recharging.

The issue I take is the 'feeding' that folks have at the expense of others. It can be construed as harmless, but in reality it's literally feeding on another's lifeforce.
It can be argued also that the one being fed upon should better guard themselves, but really it's about balance.
We all have a responsibility to monitor our thoughts in terms of what we put out and invite in.

'Mainstream' society is 'presented' as being so insecure that they need to steal the glory from others to rise higher. It's a trap and it would seem, alot of folks feed into it, instead of breaking past the anti-competition based programming, and admitting to their vulnerability (as Saul Williams would inspire us to, for example)and behaving like humans rather than scavengers grasping at anything they can to feel like they have something 'better'.

We can do so much better as a whole...I know that's a beaten drum but it's on my mind, so I had to say it.