Friday, July 6, 2007

Meagan Good's 2nd Independent production

Thankyou Invisible Woman

(When you peep her blog, read the profile. You'll love what inspired her name.)

Meagan Good's production company Freedom Bridge Entertainment is currently shooting a film that places Meagan is an unexpected role, as a member of the Lesbian community struggling to come out while striving to avoid being sucked into the world of her and her sibling's drug-addicted mother.
Filming is taking place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

We love Meagan here at Ultraviolet Underground, and give her extreme props for founding her own production company.
This is inspiration for women of color, and women in general.
There's more to Meagan than meets the eye.

For those who find themselves with the urge to talk smack...Stop hatin' <--- I swore I'd never get incorporate that into my vocab, but I was wrong.
Meagan is a knock-out and she's not the shallow doll media has try to make her.


Invisible Woman said...

Thanks PurpleZoe; I love Meagan, too-she is my girl crush :-)

PurpleZoe said...

I can relate.
She's lovely.

Thanks for stopping again.
Tis a pleasure ^_^