Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Extremely late applause for Rza

Thankyou Rza, for taking the time to speak on the reality of what has gone wrong with Hip Hop.
Your spirituality and reality infused movements are serving as a great example.
I've peeped your writings, and appreciate your efforts to educate and transcend.
Musically and in other ways you're a genius.
Bless your path.
At least the Wu have been poetic with their rhymes, which were created with skill and the application of thought. At least the Wu were not cash cows.
At least, what Wutang was spittin' was based in the reality they had to live and consequently drew from in the artistry.

Here's more info on his words if you're also at times...under a rock when this kind of news happens...




Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA has blasted the state of contemporary hip-hop for glamorizing drugs and crime. The star - real name Robert Diggs - is fed up with listening to the glorification of ghetto culture in rap music.

He says, "Hip-hop is just unbalanced. Right now, rappers are glorifying their hell. How you gonna tell me it's cool to live in the ghetto? Who wants to live where you got rats, roaches, pissy elevators, shootings, killings, rapings, drug addicts, alcoholics, all in a four block radius?

"Now, out of nine Wu-Tang members, seven are felons... We were the problem of our communities, but we never bragged about it. We kept moving on about life. But right now, these hip-hoppers are stuck on one thing. They stuck on sex and violence and drugs and partying. Life is way more than that. Especially the day after the party ends. When you get the f**k up the next day, what you gonna do?"


Anonymous said...

Yeeeees!!! Real Rap!!!

This is why I have to meet RZA hands down....not because of no star status celebrity illusion but on some...this man is wise beyond his years type vibe...RZA is like "our" Dali Lama...feel me? I know he was one of my inspirations to get out the ghetto and surround myself with positivity and transcend that "poverty mentality" and create a prosperity conscious....

Damn the rats, roches, and pissy elevators...for real for real!!!

Dreams Are Real and Inspirations Jus' A Breath Away!!!

Can I get a SUUUUUU!!!!! =]


Invisible Woman said...

I haved loved RZA for a long time, and when I read that statement about a month ago I loved him even more :-) That's real talk he's putting out.

Invisible Woman said...

I meant have loved (typo!)

PurpleZoe said...

I've loved Rza since the days of

'Ooo we love you Raheem!'

Remember that joint?
I wish I could get my hands on that video.

He's brought so many dimensions to Hip Hop, including spirituality.
I'm relieved he's spoken out against the plague on the teeth of Hip Hop culture.
Enough with the spoiled goods.
I'm ready for real lyrics, awe-inspiring battles between truly capable emcees, and beats with the kind of genius Rza brings to the set.
With album's like Talib's Ear Drum and Common's Finding Forever being released this month, we may just be moving past the corporate sabotage of Hip Hop artistry we've had to suffer for several years TOO long now.