Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Ether.com is owned by ingenio which is associated with keen.com
They may have learned how to avoid being tyrannical of their advisors.
We'll see...
Brother Life has introduced me to something I have been praying for.
Keen is horrible and Kasamba has dirty energy from what I've experienced, but this...

Ether.com is something worth looking into.

Skype runs something similar but with far less quality or freedom as far as I can see, and Skype isn't legit...Their customer service is bad, and they don't have themselves organized despite the amount of time they've had to do so, and the ebay deep pockets they have access to. Skype's looks are decieving and they also use super nodes (like yahoo and other at&t, verizon wireless dark empire affiliates) from what I've heard, that rob your bandwidth and privacy, other horrors...

Get an account with these folks if you're a consultant of anything. They only take 15 %.

Synchronicity is funny because I was thinking earlier this morning(when the final straw with Skype took place)that someone needed to be sure Skype Prime had competent competition.
We need look now futher.

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Anonymous said...

Thanx for making me smile today Queen although for you that is an effortless feat.

I learned about Ether.com from one of my mentor/advisors... Michelle MacPhearson who's the founder of http://MusiciansMastermind.com which is a great place to meet like minded indie artist and get some great tips and tactics to get your music heard by the masses on a shoe string budget.

She also has another blog focused on social marketing with tons of priceless info that has helped me go from literally 0 to 100's of visiters to my site in a matter of a day or two.Peep her blog http://blog.michellemacphearson.com/

PuprpleZoe...I usually don't like using blog comments to straight out promote stuff but she put me D to the Ether Phone and she has tons of other info that's priceless and needs to be capitalized on. She's all about leveling the playing field for the underdog. SO check her out when ya got a moment...

Life is Love and so Are You!!!

Thanx for creating space for me to grow...


PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for the heads up and for the love ^_^
It's always a pleasure to have you come through.